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The number of Americans without a bank account drops to lowest level in more than a decade,dbd ranking system 2022

Web12/10/ · Microsoft pleaded for its deal on the day of the Phase 2 decision last month, but now the gloves are well and truly off. Microsoft describes the CMA’s concerns as “misplaced” and says that Web20/10/ · That means the impact could spread far beyond the agency’s payday lending rule. "The holding will call into question many other regulations that protect consumers with respect to credit cards, bank accounts, mortgage loans, debt collection, credit reports, and identity theft," tweeted Chris Peterson, a former enforcement attorney at the CFPB who Web19/10/ · Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush Saga are two hugely popular mobile games published by Activision and King, respectively, and Microsoft could leverage these titles to help build out a game Web16/12/ · Xfire video game news covers all the biggest daily gaming headlines Web25/10/ · Those who have a checking or savings account, but also use financial alternatives like check cashing services are considered underbanked. The underbanked represented 14% of U.S. households, or 18 ... read more

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Um, actually, Gods of destruction are named after alcoholic beverages Compari, Cognac, Mojito, and Beerus. Bulma's family are named after underwear Bulma, Dr. and Mrs. Briefs, and Trunks. Officer Alex Murphy is killed by gangsters in run-down, near future Detroit, where he is resurrected as a Cyborg police officer Robocop by the Weyland corporation. However, in more recent editions, the game has added playable races such as Tieflings, Genasi, and Aasimar, descended from Demons, Dragons, and Angels respectively.

Shai'hulud, meaning "Old Man of the Desert," is the Fremen nickname for a House Atreides vassal, the grizzled warrior Gurney Halleck. Um, actually, Shai'hulud is the fremen word for the massive sand worms that roam through the planet. The different colored uniforms of Starfleet represent different departments: red for Engineering, blue for Science and Medical, gold for Command and Security. In Stephen King's "It," the members of the Losers Club get lost in the sewer after battling "It," and only manage to escape by calming their nerves with the ancient power of the Ritual of Chud.

Um, actually, after the Ritual of Chud they have an underage sex orgy, which helps them remember the way out of the sewer. It may seem like a job that requires no training, but Krusty's past, present, and hopeful sidekicks all attended Ivy League schools; Sideshow Bob went to Harvard, Sideshow Mel went to Cornell, and Cecil, Sideshow Bob's brother, went to Princeton. In "The Name of the Wind," Kvothe learns the beginning of magic from the scholar named Abernathy, including the rudiments of Sympathy, as well as Arete, the willpower that allows one to power their magic.

Superman, known originally as Kal-El, was born on the planet of Krypton, which was destroyed in a terrible cataclysm. Although the exploding planet would not have been able to harm the invulnerable infant Kal-El, the fearsome Zod, General of Krypton certainly would have. Um, actually, infant Kal-El would have been hurt by Krypton's explosion because his powers come from the Earth's Yellow sun. Sarah Williams' life is thrown into chaos when Jareth, the Goblin King, kidnaps her baby brother Toby, and threatens to sink him in the Bog of Eternal Stench unless his sister can rescue him.

Imperator Furiosa abandons and betrays her leader Immortan Joe to liberate his captive wives and bring them to safety. Immortan Joe promises his War Boys an eternity in Elysium, shiny and chrome, if they can recapture his wives, including Toast the Knowing and Cheeto the Fragile. Um, actually, He promises them an eternity in Valhalla, the Norse afterlife. Elysium is the Roman afterlife. Of all the various forms of magic we are introduced to in the Harry Potter series, none is more powerfully evil than the three Unforgivable Curses: Imperio, the Mind Control Curse, Crucio, the Torture Curse, and Avada Kadavra, the Killing Curse.

Um, actually, The most evil form of magic in Harry Potter is the creation of Horcruxes, which is the splitting of the soul through murder. As the Last Unicorn, known in her human form as Lady Amalthea, arrives with Schmendrick the Magician and Molly Grue at the castle of King Haggard we find that only six beings call this massive castle home: King Haggard, his dashing son Prince Lir, Mabruk the Magician, a pirate cat, an alcoholic skeleton, and the Red Bull, whom he has forced to kill every last unicorn.

Two of StarCraft's most popular characters, Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan, are available in some levels of play as hero units. While Jim Raynor is playable as either a Terran Vulture unit or a Terran Marine unit, or piloting the Terran Hyperion Battle Cruiser unit, Kerrigan is only playable in the games as a Terran Ghost Unit. Denethor, King of Gondor, is the father of both Faramir and Boromir, one of which dies above the Rauros Falls, the other grievously injured in the siege of Osgiliath.

Um, actually, Denethor isn't the King of Gondor, he is the Steward of Gondor. Aragorn is the king, they're merely awaiting his return.

The title of the Halo series refers to the Halo array: a series of colossal ring-shaped superweapons built by the Covenant to destroy their enemies and assert control over the galaxy. Every seven years, all members of the Vulcan species, including Spock, science officer of the Enterprise and half-Vulcan, undergo Pon Farr; a state of mind in which Vulcans commune with the sum total of their species' knowledge through specialized Dilithium crystals.

Um, actually, Pon Farr is not a communing of knowledge, it is a moment in which Vulcans basically enter heat. Willow, played by Alyson Hannigan, and Oz, played by Seth Green, play a witch and a warlock involved in a long-term relationship.

The relationship later ends due to In Princess Mononoke, Ashitaka and his red elk Yakul travel after their village is attacked by a demon; discovering a war raging between the spirits of the forest, and the humans of Irontown. While the wolves and boars of the forest are indeed fierce, a group of brassy, loud women in Irontown are busy inventing new guns to destroy them. Um, actually, The women are not inventing the guns, the guns are being made by the lepers in a small attic.

The primary antagonist of the Zelda franchise, Ganondorf, is a member of the Gerudo race, thieves and tricksters from the desert. Trained by his father in the ways of magic, Ganondorf often possesses the Triforce of Power, making him nearly invincible.

Um, actually, Ganondorf does not have a father, as the Gerudo are a race of women with one male born every years, who immediately becomes their king.

We first see the palace of Jabba the Hutt on Tattooine when he is given Han Solo's body frozen in Carbonite. He also keeps a monstrous creature in his palace known as the Sarlacc and feeds his enemies to it. Um, actually, the Sarlacc is a giant whirlpool of teeth out in the desert; the creature in Jabba's palace is the Rancor.

The character most people know as Wolverine was born with the name "Logan Howlett," named after his father, though he occasionally goes by the name "James" or "Jim" Howlett. Um, actually, Wolverine was born James Howlett and later adopts the name Logan from his family's groundskeeper Thomas Logan, who murdered his father, though you later find out Thomas Logan is actually his biological father. Edmund Pevensie first crosses paths with the White Witch, false Queen of Narnia, while wandering through the Lantern Waste, an area of Narnia so named after the lamp-post built in the midst of the forest by talking beasts.

Um, actually, The lamp-post wasn't built, it grew with the dawn of time after the White Witch dropped a chunk of lamp-post from the real world into Narnia. The basilisk Nagini is killed in the Chamber of Secrets when Harry pierces it's skull with the Sword of Gryffindor, pulled from the sorting hat itself.

At the end of the movie, as The Nothing begins to spread and Atreyu is confronted by the terrible Gmork, Bastian must save the Childlike Empress by giving her a new name. The name he chooses, Fantasia, restores the world of imagination and brings back to life all that had been lost to The Nothing.

Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, keeps the streets of Gotham safe from the most impressive rogue's gallery in comics. His archnemesis, the Joker, has foiled him time and time again, often aided by Harley Quinn, whose first appearance in The Killing Joke is held up as one of the most popular recent additions to the Batman Universe. Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of the Serenity have plenty to worry about. Criminals, outlaws, and former rebels man the ship, putting them on the wrong side of the Alliance, and the backwater planets they travel through put them often in the path of the Reavers; a deadly race of alien marauders that torture and devour their prey.

Um, actually, The Reavers are not aliens, they are mutants. Mogwai are naturally affable, cute little creatures, such as Gizmo. However, getting them wet causes them to multiply and turn into the evil, scaly creatures known as Gremlins.

Um, actually, getting Mogwai wet causes them to multiply. Feeding them after midnight is what causes them to turn into Gremlins. In the tabletop game "Warhammer" players command armies of miniatures representing different races or factions inclluding four distinct races of elves, High Elves, Blood Elves, Wood Elves, and Dark Elves.

The universe of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is populated by dozens of animal-human hybrids created by coming into contact with mutagenic ooze. This includes the turtles themselves, their allies, like mutated alligator Leatherhead, and enemies, like the human-fly hybrid Baxter Stockman. One of the series' most famous episodes, "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street", doesn't actually feature monsters or paranormal creatures of any kind. The true monsters are the people of Maple Street giving in to paranoid violence.

Um, actually, it is revealed at the end of the episode that aliens were manipulating electronic devices. In the Phillip K. Dick novel "Blade Runner", Rick Deckard, uses a Voight-Kampff machine to determine if a suspect is truly human by measuring [their incapability of physiological responses.

In the X-Men series, superpowered mutants often have aliases that somewhat describe their abilities. Some, however, have names that just go with the "X" motif.

Including Professor X, Crusader X, Stacy X, X-Man, X-Treme, Mage-X, and X In the first book of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, "The Colour of Magic", readers learn that the color of pure magic is octarine, a color visible only to wizards. Um, actually, Quincy's Enchanting Gourmet is a spell dedicated to cooking and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. As a powerful Sith Lord, Darth Vader can harness power of the dark side of the Force to conjure Force lightning, and use the power of the Force for evil means like when he uses telekinesis to choke adversaries.

In "Mortal Kombat", characters can perform "Animalities" as a finisher, in which the character temporarily transforms into an animal and dispatches their opponent. For example, Nightwolf transforms into a wolf, Scorpion transforms into a scorpion, and Johnny Cage transforms into a kangaroo. The X-Men are one of the most multinational superhero teams in comics, including Storm from Kenya, Colossus from the former Soviet Union, and Nightcrawler from Germany.

Meanwhile, Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey are all from the United States. Um, actually, Wolverine is from Canada. Bonus: Um, actually, in some versions Storm is born in Manhattan. Set in , former gangster Spike Spiegel and ex-cop Jet Black work together as bounty hunters about Jet's ship, the Bebop. They are later joined by several younger crew members, including Faye Valentine, a con artist, Ed, a hacker, and a genetically enhanced corgi known as Data Dog.

Inigo Montoya's father was famously killed by the villainous Prince Humperdinck when Inigo was just a boy. In the extended Pokémon universe, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy appear to exist and work in every town, though it is acknowledged that neither is a single entity, but rather multiple identical clones. In Doctor Who, The Doctor, a year-old Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, travels the Universe with his trusty sonic screwdriver and his state-of-the-art TARDIS. Um, actually, GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role Playing System, and can be applied to any world.

The four Pevensie children come to Narnia through the wardrobe to discover the land is in a perpetual winter. Suffering hardships, a betrayal by Edmund, and the temporary death of Aslan at the Stone Table, the Pevensies overthrow the White Witch and rule Narnia for decades in a state of perpetual childhood.

Um, actually, they're not in a state of perpetual childhood, they grow up and by the time they leave they are full adults. One of the most iconic buddy relationships of all time is that of Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca. Chewbacca only speaks to Han in Shyriiwook, though he can understand English just fine, while Han only speaks to Chewbacca in English, as Shyriiwook is rough on human vocal cords.

Um, actually, English won't have been invented for many years. The language they are speaking is called Basic. The position of Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts seems to be a cursed position.

Of the seven professors that taught in that position during the seven years of the books, all of them, including Quirinus Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart, Remus Lupin, Alastor Mad-Eye Moody, Dolores Umbridge, Severus Snape, and Amycus Carrow, served only one year. Um, actually, Mad-Eye Moody never taught because Barty Crouch Jr. took his place using Polyjuice Potion. Bowser, Mario's first and greatest enemy, also known as King Koopa, has attempted to kidnap Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom no less than 17 times.

Um, actually, Mario's first enemy was Donkey Kong. The Tears of Lys, a deadly poison hailing from the same free city of Varys, has been used throughout the show to kill characters both on-screen, such as Myrcella Lannister, and off-screen, such as Jon Arryn of the Vale, Hand of King Robert. Ridley Scott's film "Blade Runner", an adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? While many elements and themes were added to the movie, such as Gaff's origami figures, others were lifted directly from the book, such as several of the Voight-Kampff questions, and Roy Batty's iconic line, "All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.

Saiyans, a race of alien warriors to whom both Goku and Vegeta belong, are capable of transforming into blonde versions of themselves known as Super Saiyans, but only if they still have their tails, which contain the glands necessary for transformation.

Um, actually, Saiyans don't need their tails to go Super Saiyan. They need their tails to transform into their Great Ape form. The Infinity Stones are featured in multiple Marvel movies. At the time of taping, the Time Stone resided in the Eye of Agamotto, the Space Stone is being kept safely in Asgard, the Reality Stone has been given to the Collector, the Mind Stone rests in Loki's staff, and the Power stone is being held by the Nova Corps on Xandar.

Though most of Sauron's might as a leader is shown through his powerful magic or his terrifying armies, Sauron did have one servant who acted as his diplomat, herald, and emissary, the horrifying wraith known as the Mouth of Sauron. Um, actually, the Bothans stole plans for the Death Star II in Return of the Jedi, not the Death Star I. In "Justice League Unlimited," Wonder Woman is turned into a pig by the sorceress Circe, prompting Batman and Zatanna to strike a bargain with the Greek enchantress.

In order to have Diana transformed back, Batman has to beat Circe in a series of riddles, each themed around a traumatic event in Batman's past. The Shrieking Shack, the most haunted building in all of Great Britain, is technically located in Hogsmeade, but is only accessible from Hogwarts through a secret tunnel located under the Whomping Willow. Um, actually, the Shrieking Shack isn't haunted, it was the place where Remus Lupin would transform into a werewolf, and the howling sounds made people believe it was haunted.

While they both rely on intelligence to determine the potency of their spells, wizards arrive at their expertise through study and the use of spellbook, whereas ["Sorcerers carry a magical birthright conferred upon them by an exotic bloodline, some otherworldly influence, or exposure to unknown cosmic forces.

Westeros has a tradition of naming children born out of wedlock after a geographical feature of their homeland. General Grievous, the droid general of the Separatist Army during the Clone Wars, while not capable of wielding the Force, was able to wield four lightsabers in his battle against Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Mutations in the X-Men universe often bring incredible supernatural abilities, but it can also bring seemingly unrelated physical changes as well. Kurt Wagner received his ability to teleport, but also got fangs and a tail. Mystique, while she can change form at will, is in her natural form scaly and blue. Hank McCoy's mutation gave him super intelligence and beast-like strength and agility, but also a simian physicality.

Vancian casting, named after writer Jack Vance, refers to a system in many games wherein a spellcaster prepares or memorizes spells, and cannot swap out or rememorize spells without a full day passing or needing eight hours of sleep.

These spells alone can be used during that time period, even if the caster has access to other spells that they chose not to prepare, although they can cast their prepared spells as many times as they like. Um, actually, they are limited in the number of times they can cast spells based on their level and which level of the spell it is.

Though originally named Jump Man, the name Mario came about when Shigeru Miyamoto, the character's creator, named him after the company's landlord Mario Segale, although the character goes only by his single appellation. Um, actually, Mario in the Super Mario Brothers movie, is named Mario Mario. In , Shigeru Miyamoto said he had no last name, but in he retracted it and said it was Mario Mario. In The Hounds of Tindalos, by HP Lovecraft, Frank Belknap Long makes his contribution to the larger Cthulhu Mythos with a tale of horrifying extradimensional creatures hunting a man named Halpin Chalmers, who seals every hole and opening in his home with plaster so the smoky monsters cannot slip through them while in gaseous form.

Um, actually, they're actually able to slip through corners of architecture, and corners in space. In 2nd edition, skills were known as proficiencies and instead of attack bonuses one employed their THACO, short for To Hit Armor Class Only.

The surviving humans aboard the Galactica are under the constant threat of attack from the Vorlons, a race of cybernetic organisms intent on destroying the Twelve Colonies of Humanity. While Shadow Moon is nominally on the side of the old gods, they are not necessarily paragons of virtue. Wednesday is a liar, cheat, and grifter, Mad Sweeney is a drunken brawler, and Bilquis, goddess of love, slits the throats of men who sleep with her. In the fall of a giant egg appeared at professional wrestling events across the country before eventually hatching at the Survivor Series revealing the Red Rooster to the delight of the crowd at Hartford, Connecticut.

In "The Dark Knight Returns," Batman and Carrie Kelly, the next Robin to follow Jason Todd, face off against a gang called The Mutants, genetically altered criminals terrorizing Gotham City. After successfully getting his father and mother together at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, Marty returns to the Hill Valley of to discover his father has become a successful author, and that this version of has happy and prosperous versions of himself, his brother, and his sister.

Um, actually, there is no happy and prosperous version of Marty when he returns because he is from another timeline. Superheroes and supervillains often choose aliases that are descriptive of their special powers, but some are maybe a little too obvious, like Matter Eater Lad, who can eat any kind of matter, Arm Fall Off Boy, whose arm falls off, Eye-Scream, whose eyes scream magic spells, and Dog Welder, who welds dogs to people. Um, actually, Eye-Scream has the ability to turn into any flavor of ice cream that he wants.

The story of Saga follows the adventures of Marko and Alana, two soldiers from the planets of Wreath and Landfall respectively, who fall in love despite generations of interplanetary war that precede them.

They live on the run from their respective governments, trying to keep themselves and their newborn daughter Hazel safe, along with their ghostly babysitter, Isabel. Dream of the Endless, known by other names such as Morpheus, Oneiros, or The Sandman, has two brothers, Destiny and Destruction, and four sisters, Death, Desire, Despair, and Delirium, although at one time Delirium was known by the name Delight.

Um, actually, Desire is not Dream's sister because Desire is an agender, omnigender, pangender entity. Black Panther, the superheroic alter ego of Prince T'Challa, makes his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. His solo film, shot domestically in Atlanta, Georgia and internationally in Argentina, Wakanda, and South Korea, stars Chadwick Boseman reprising the titular role.

Um, actually, Hermione gets special permission to use the Time-Turner so she can take extra classes. Tobias Santorelli becomes a nothlit, an Andalite word for one who is trapped in their current body, when he is turned into a red-tailed hawk by a fearsome piece of Yeerk technology known as the Morph Gun.

With the exception of several featured hobbits such as Rosie Cotton, women are few and far between in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. From the missing Entwives to the dwarf women hidden away under mountains, only three named female characters feature prominently in the film trilogy: Galadriel, Arwen, and Eowyn. The story of the Men in Black, Earth's clandestine defense against a galaxy full of strange civilizations and species, starred Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, and featured Smith's first solo single post Jazzy Jeff, called "Men in Black", which earned him a Golden Raspberry at the Razzies.

In the "Pokémon" TV show, most Pokémon communicate by saying their name over and over again in a way that is definitely not annoying, but there are some exceptions. At least one Meowth can speak like a human, Charizard never says his name, and Mr. Mime doesn't make any sound at all. When only a boy, young Merlin is brought to the court of King Vortigern, who has tried 3 times to build a castle in the same spot, only to have it crumble and collapse. Merlin is to be killed and his blood sprinkled on the ground to prevent future collapses, but the boy saves his own life when he reveals that Vortigern is not truly the king, which is why the castle keeps collapsing.

Um, actually, the castle keeps collapsing because there are two dragons living in the hill under it. The BBC series Doctor Who depicts the adventures of a time-traveling humanoid alien a Time Lord named Doctor Who, who explores the universe in a ship that looks like a blue British police box. Lee Scoresby, the American aeronaut, uses his marksmanship and hot air ballooning skills to help Lyra, and is eaten by his close friend Iorek Byrnison.

Hayao Miyazaki's films are an incredible gateway into Japanese folklore, with each movie introducing us to a new spirit for the very first time, such as the Kodama in "Princess Mononoke," or the susuwatari or "dust bunnies" in "Spirited Away. While many "Warhammer" armies are inspired by the writings of JRR Tolkien, the Skaven, horrifying rat men, are not.

The Skaven use overwhelming numbers to defeat their foes, and are one of the most inexpensive armies, making them an attractive option for beginners. Um, actually, due to the amount of models needed for a full Skaven army, it's actually very expensive. In "The Ricks Must Be Crazy," we are introduced to the character Zeep Xanflorp, a scientist who inhabits a Microverse created by Rick to provide unlimited energy to the planet Earth through the use of Goobleboxes. Atreyu of the Grassy Plains discovers and rides the luckdragon Falkor after his horse Artax is devoured by Gmork, the wolf-like servant of the Nothing.

We know Mordenkainen through his Magnificent Mansion, Tasha through her Hideous Laughter, and Tenser through his Grasping Hand. Though Zack Snyder did take some creative liberties in his adaptation of "Watchmen" from graphic novel to movie, the main thrust of the plot remained unchanged, including Dr.

Manhattan's self-imposed exile on the planet Mars, and Adrian Veidt a. Ozymandia's plan to unite the world around a nuclear attack. In "Batman Begins," Bruce Wayne refuses to join the League of Shadows, leading to his eventual confrontation with Ra'as al Ghul aboard a train carrying a bomb to the center of Gotham. Um, actually, the train is carrying a microwave emitter that will vaporize the water and activate a chemical that has been put into the water supply.

To win the game, a player needs a set amount of victory points, which are acquired solely through settlements, cities, the five victory point cards, and whoever has the largest army. The direwolves of the Stark children do not fare well in these stories [Game of Thrones, the TV show].

Only Nymeria still lives, while Lady, Greywind, Ghost, Summer, and Shaggydog have all been brutally killed on screen. In the "Harry Potter" series, the caretaker of Hogwarts, Argus Filch, is a non-magical person from a wizarding family, also known as a muggle. Shinra, the corporation opposed by the ecoterrorist group Avalanche, has constructed a series of reactors that are slowly but surely destroying the planet. The reactors harvest Mako, the life force of the planet that in its crystal form, Materia, can be shaped and molded into magical weaponry.

The Gargoyles, winged protectors of New York gifted with stone bodies and the ability to glide, not fly, all named themselves: Goliath, Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx.

Um, actually, Goliath did not name himself. It's me, Jonathan Coulton. For all of you fans of Portal out there, you might recognize that song as "Still Alive," the theme music that Cortana sings over the end credits. That song, along with gameplay and dialog, spawned the popular meme "the cake is a lie. Genetic alteration is a common phenomenon in the Marvel universe, but it's hard to know which superhumans technically count as mutants.

While those who have lived with the X-Gene since birth, such as Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine are considered mutants, those who received their genetic alteration later in life, such as Spider-Man, Juggernaut, and Hulk, are technically mutates. Um, actually, Juggernaut has no genetic alteration, he has an artifact that makes him powerful, the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak.

Deckard Cain, last of the Horadrim, serves as a mentor and a sage counsel to the heroes of the world of Sanctuary, warning of the Prime Evils: Diablo; the Lord of Terror, Mephisto; the Lord of Hatred, and Belial; the Lord of Lies. In "3. In Hocus Pocus, the villainous Sanderson Sisters return on All Hallow's Eve when Max Dennison lights the Black Flame Candle in their hut, despite the protestations of Salem the Cat.

In Game of Thrones, House Lannister of Casterly Rock is a wealthy family known by their house words, "A Lannister always pays his debts," and also by their sigil, a golden lion on a crimson field. The character of Anakin Skywalker, perhaps better known as Darth Vader, has appeared in every Star Wars movie except one, The Force Awakens.

The first six films basically serve as his life story, in which he is portrayed by no less than four actors, including Jake Lloyd, Hayden Christensen, James Earl Jones, and briefly at the end of Return of the Jedi by David Prowse. Um, actually, Sebastian Shaw is the actor who's face appears in Return of the Jedi, while David Prowse was the body actor.

In Thor: Ragnarok, the eponymous Asgardian makes a throwaway reference to his adopted brother Loki turning him into a frog. This moment actually does occur in Walt Simonson's run on Thor, with the main character returning to his true form only after reclaiming his hammer Mjolnir. In the Wizard of Oz, Margaret Hamilton delivers a line to her Flying Monkeys, "I've sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them. Um, actually, the line refers to a deleted scene where the characters do the jitterbug influenced by a character called the Jitterbug.

The Crystal Gems have the ability to form Fusions, combining their bodies and souls together through emotional harmony with each other, often accompanied by a ritualized dance.

Non-fusion Gems like Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst can combine to make use of the extreme power and size of the fusions, but also just to express their love and affection for each other.

Although many of the park's security measures fail, perhaps the most alarming failure is found by Dr. Grant when he discovers a batch of hatched dinosaur eggs indicating that he male and female dinosaur populations have breached each other's paddocks. Syndrome, the villainous alter ego of Buddy Pine, meets his untimely demise at the hands, or rather claws, of his own Omnidroid, which targets him and his remote control as a threat during the staged "fight" in the city of Metroville.

The character of Albus Dumbledore, played by Richard Harris and Michael Gambon in the films, is not the only character to be played by more than one actor. Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Pansy Parkinson, and Peeves the Poltergeist were all recast between the seven films. In Lord of the Rings, Frodo ultimately comes to hold the powerful One Ring when his grandfather, Bilbo Baggins, leaves it for him on the mantle.

While Bulbasaur may be the first Pokémon in the Pokédex, several other Pokémon also have a claim to being first. From Rhydon being the first Pokémon designed by developers to Mew being the genetic predecessor of all Pokémon, there is also a question of Arceus, who due to his time travel ability could theoretically travel into the distant past to be the first chronological Pokémon. Tom Holland stars as the friendly neighborhood webslinger in Spider-Man: Homecoming, a fresh take on Spider-Man's origin story, featuring Michael Keaton as the villainous Vulture.

While the primary amphibious species we meet in Star Wars are the Mon Calamari of Mon Cala, such as Admiral Ackbar of the Rebel Alliance, we also briefly meet the amphibious Quarren, or "Squidheads," of Karkaris.

In "Raiders of the Lost Ark," Indy discovers his former lover Marion Ravenwood in Nepal. One of the more popular subgenres of anime and manga centers on a scenario in which multiple pilots assemble a giant mecha robot out of smaller sub-robots, a trope that can be seen in cartoons such as Voltron, live-action TV shows such as Power Rangers, and movies such as Pacific Rim.

The protagonist of the Handmaid's Tale, June Osborne, is known by the name, Offred, a name which all handmaids share as a reference to their dull-red robes. Frodo, the eponymous character of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, offers to take the One Ring to Mount Doom, also know as Orodruin. Marty McFly interrupts an undiscovered Chuck Berry at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance in order to play a rocking version of Johnny B. Goode, which is met with stunned silence by the onlooking audience. Emilia Clarke's conquering character Daenerys announces herself to Khal Moro as Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Unbowed, and Unsullied, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khalessi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are the aliases of the Marauders, a group of four Animagi who attended Hogwarts as members of House Gryffindor years prior to the birth of Harry Potter. Bilbo and his companions escape from a group of fearsome trolls named Tom, Bert and William when Gandalf appears at the last minute and turns them all to stone. Although the bulk of Arya Stark's training in the art of killing was done with the Faceless Men of Braavos, her first fighting instructor was Syrio Forel, the Water Dancer, whose death she has yet to avenge.

Negan, the leader of the Saviors and a brutal sociopath, kills Glenn and Abraham as retribution for the death of his soldiers with a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat named Lucille, after his dead wife. Um, actually, Negan only kills Abraham as retribution, and he kills Glenn because Daryl lashed out at him. The anime Cowboy Bebop, based on the popular manga of the same name, follows the adventures of a bounty hunter crew traveling on the Bebop their spaceship.

After being introduced to Brakebills College and the exciting world of magic, young magician Quentin Coldwater is quickly introduced to the monsters that inhabit this world including cacodemons, dragons, and the dreaded niffin, part of a species of monsters made of blue fire that hail from another dimension. Um, actually, a niffin is a human that did so much magic that it turned into a ball of magical fury and no longer has its corporeal form. Boba Fett, whose distinctive Mandalorian armor and Bowcaster make him a fearsome opponent indeed, pilots a ship known as Slave One.

Aragorn and Arwen share a profound love in Lord of the Rings. Arwen's father Elrond wishes for her to go West, to the Undying Lands, because despite her pure Elven blood her immortality will be lost to her if she chooses to stay in Middle Earth with Aragorn.

The Outer Planes, such as Mechanus, Limbo, and the Astral Planes are all affiliated with various alignments. The Upper Planes, such as Arborea, Mount Celestia, and the Beastlands are all affiliated with good, while the Lower Planes, such as Gehenna, Baator, and The Abyss are associated with evil.

While the village of Tristram serves as the setting of the first Diablo Game, we revisit it briefly in Diablo II, though the only NPC from the first game still in Tristram, Deckard Cain has been captured by demons overrunning the town. The heroes of Overwatch run the gamut from plausible to far-fetched, including a super-intelligent Gorilla named Winston, a dwarven engineer named Torbjorn, and a celebrity musician named Lucio. Goku, Saiyan warrior and hero of Earth, first learns the Kamehameha energy attack from the Namekian warrior Piccolo, incorporating it into his fighting technique and making it his signature move.

Ryan Coogler's Black Panther takes us to Wakanda, where for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we will meet the Dora Milaje, a team of elite, women bodyguards who protect the monarch of Wakanda. Donkey Kong is the incredibly popular star of his own series of video games featuring his archrival King K. Rool, as well as Diddy Kong who unlike the naked, gorilla-esque Donkey Kong, has a tail and wears clothing.

Like the Rebel Alliance before it, the Resistance opposes fascism in the galaxy, this time at the hands of the First Order, led by General Hux and the Sith Lord Kylo Ren, both operating under the command of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Lara Croft, heroine of the Tomb Raider video game series is adept at solving puzzles, exploring ruins, and all forms of combat. The difficulty of the original games was partially offset by the ability to plat tutorials in Croft Manor, a deserted mansion where Lara would train. In the award-winning horror video game, our protagonist Joel loses his daughter to an attack by the Infected, and has to protect Ellie The Krogan, a race of reptilian warrior humanoids, were subject to a terrible bioweapon used by their enemies, the armor-plater Turians, and crafted by the amphibious Salarians.

This weapon, known as the Genophage, infected and killed In Jules Verne's novel "20, Leagues Under the Sea: a Tour of the Underwater World", readers meet Captain Nemo, who lives a secretive life twenty thousand leagues beneath sea level in his advanced submarine: the Nautilus.

Um, actually, 20, leagues refers to how far they travel once beneath sea level, not how deep they are. Part of Jedi or Sith training includes the hand-making of one's own lightsaber. A key component, dilithium crystals, are found in the Crystal Caves on the ice planet of Ilum. Um, actually, Kyber crystals are used in the making of lightsabers.

Dilithium crystals are from Star Trek. While the title of "Super Mario Brothers" is generally only applied to Mario and Luigi, in the long lost brother Wario made his first appearance in the Game Boy's "Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. The Common Rooms of each Hogwarts House is intended to be accessible only to members of that house. Every one is at least partially concealed and requires a secret password or knock to enter. Um, actually, the Ravenclaw Common Room requires the answer to a riddle to gain entry.

While most people know that kryptonite is Superman's biggest weakness, not as many people know that kyptonite comes in many different colors, with varying effects: classic green kryptonite weakens Superman, pink makes him permanantly lose his superpowers, and periwinkle caises him to lose his inhibitions.

Um, actually, pink kryptonite causes Superman to become gay and nothing can permanently remove his superpowers. The Planet Express employees that we meet in Futurama's first season appear to be a ragtag group of aliens and weirdos, but despite their differences, only Doctor John Zoidberg is from a different planet.

Though it's easy to imagiine superheroes living in a world of black and white morality, some well-known superheroes were originally villains, including The Flash, Rogue, and Hawkeye. While some have been present since first edition, like monks, mages, and bards, others were added in later editions, like sorcerers, warlocks, and barbarians. In the novel "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, the god Odin has two ravens, Huginn and Muninn or thought and memory. When the protagonist, Shadow, finds himself alone with one of these ravens for the first time, it charmingly says to him, "nevermore," as a reference to the Edgar Allen Poe poem "The Raven".

In the movie, "Son of Godzilla," a group of scientists find an enormous egg from which a creature named Godzilla Jr. Godzilla Jr. would later appear in "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II," "Godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla," and "Godzilla vs. In "The Simpsons" episodes "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds," Mr.

Burns ends up convinced by Bart and Lisa to spare the lives of the 25 puppies spawned from their dog, Santa's Little Helper, and his mate, She's the Fastest. Unable to home 25 dogs, Marge makes the kids distribute the puppies to random townsfolk including Snake, Groundskeeper Willie, and Krusty.

Um, actually, Mr. Burns keeps all of the dogs to race them and wins because of their superior genetics. In Westeros, Valyrian steel swords are particularly prized: they are exceptionally sharp, never need honing, and the technique to make Valyrian steel was lost when Doom befell Valyria.

Jon Snow acquires the Valyrian steel sword Ice when he is gifted it by Jeor Mormont. Crossovers: you gotta love 'em. Take two things you like and put them in one place. While most of Xena's talents and skills are of this world, she has displayed some supernatural and otherworldly talents.

In addition to mastery of her signature weapon: the fictional chakram, she has also used telekinesis, and energy projection. In "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," a narrator reading the book of the film informs us of the four other knights that join Arthur on his quest: Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Galahad the Pure and Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot.

The Japanese publication "Weekly Shonen Jump" puts out comics primarily targeting to year-olds, and has been running for roughly 50 years. Yet, in spite of all the roles available, there have still been multiple actors who have played two different superheroes, including Nicolas Cage, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Ben Affleck.

Um, actually, Hugh Jackman has only been Wolverine. The BBC series "Torchwood" follows a small group of people from the Torchwood Institute, a government organization founded in the Victorian era to defend Earth from supernatural threats. The name Torchwood itself is a reference to Shakespeare's "The Tempest. In "Captain Planet," Gaia gives five special rings to the five chosen planeteers. Four are based on the platonic elements - earth, fire, wind, and water - while the remaining ring, Heart, is little use on its own, but necessary for summoning Captain Planet.

The unified "Zelda" timeline that attempts to link all the Zelda games into one coherent timeline is incredibly convoluted, involving time travel and split timelines. While Nintendo hasn't confirmed any one official timeline, most fans agree that the first game, chronologically, is "Minish Cap," and the timeline splits at "Ocarina of Time.

Being a Power Ranger might seem like an incomparable honor, but it's actually fairly common for Power Rangers to come and go. In fact, in the original series "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," only Kimberly, the pink ranger, and Billy, the blue ranger, appear in every episode from start to finish. Um, actually, Kimberly is not in some episodes at the end of the season because she moves to Florida to compete in the Pan-Global Games.

White and an animated Disney film that tells the tale of how a young King Arthur claimed the title of king by pulling a sword from a stone that magically appeared in London. Brought to Westeros by the Andals, the Faith of the Seven's adherents worship seven gods: the Crone, Father, Maiden, Mother, Smith, Stranger, and Warrior.

The board game Pandemic is one of the most popular cooperative board games ever made. Players must work together against the game itself to cure and completely eradicate four different diseases before any one of them overruns the world. The original Neon Genesis Evangelion is about teenager-piloted giant robots called Evangelion, or Evas, battling monsters known as Angels. With a countdown to the apocalypse serving as the story's backdrop, fans were surprised at the final two episodes which abstractly explored the protagonist's crippling depression, rather than delivering the much-anticipated final epic battle.

Um, actually, they're giant living beings with cybernetic augmentation. He-Man's chief nemesis is Skeletor, a humanoid man in a blue skin tight suit with a skull for a head. He wields the havoc staff: a long scepter topped with a ram's skull and a crystal ball. In "Street Fighter," the character of Balrog was originally named and modeled after Muhammad Ali, but fearing legal reprisals when releasing the game in the US The X-Men's Cyclops is often recognized by his iconic ruby-quartz visor.

Without his visor or come other means of inhibiting his abilities, when Cyclops opens his eyes they become apertures to another dimension, causing focused radiation to pour into our world in the form of powerful but difficult-to-control eye-lasers.

In addition to housing seven year's worth of students, Hogwarts is the home of several ghosts, including Nearly Headless Nick, Peeves, Moaning Myrtle, the Grey Lady, and the Fat Friar. Gelflings are creatures in the movie "The Dark Crystal. There have been several United Space Starships with the moniker "Enterprise," and thus, several different captains, including James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Kathryn Janeway, and Jonathan Archer. Um, actually, Janeway was captain of the USS Voyager.

Hobbits have a famous love of food. When they can get it, a hobbit's meals consist of breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, and supper. In "A Clash of Kings," during the Battle of Blackwater, Ser Mandon Moore turns on Tyrion, leaving him disfigured with a crooked scar across the length of his face. Every installment of the "Bioshock" series features an array of superhuman powers made available to the player through the injection of gene-altering "plasmids.

The team battles against the evil Andross, in an attempt to save the Lylat system and avenge Fox's father's death. The entirety of the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" is filled with brutal, awful deaths. Among the worst is catching "greyscale," a highly contagious disease that slowly and painfully turns you into stone. While Tatooine may appear to be a harsh desert planet, it is the native home to many different species, including Jawas, Tusken Sand Raiders, Hutts, Dewbacks, and Banthas.

Pac-man" is one of the most popular arcade games of all time. Over the course of the game, players are treated to three story intermissions, showing first Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man meeting each other, then the two chasing each other, and finally the stork delivering a baby Pac-Man. The name "Ms. Pac-Man" was intended to keep the final outcome of the Pac-Man romance a secret.

Um, actually, it was originally going to be Miss Pac-Man, but due to the cutscenes it was changed to Ms. Pac-Man so she would not have had a child out of wedlock. a Mankind was half of the famed tag team, "The Rock and Sock Connection," who took their name from Mankind's signature sock puppet "Mr. Socko," and his partner, "The Rock. In "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," the crew of the USS Enterprise time travels to rescue humpback whales.

Entering a time warp by performing a slingshot maneuver with the enterprise around the sun, the crew arrives in 's San Francsisco, which results in memorable moments like Chekhov asking a polcie officer where to find "nuclear wessels. Um, actually, it wasn't the Enterprise. It was a stolen Klingon Warbird, because the Enterprise had been destroyed in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Despite commercial success, Ang Lee's film "Hulk" was about 5 years too early to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so Eric Bana only played Bruce Banner for the one film. Instead, Mark Ruffalo got to take over the mantle from Eric Bana of the iconic character with the creation of the MCU. The star of the TV show "ALF" is an "Alien Life Form" whose only name is that acronym: ALF.

ALF arrived on Earth after his home planet, Melmac, was destroyed by nuclear war. In Philip K. Dicks "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Um, actually, in the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

The Zelda series is full of helpful fairies who can heal you, provide you with information, or improve your gear. While some of these are unnamed, others like Tingle, Navi, and Tatl are important characters in thier own right. Guest video question from Kristian Nairn I'm Kristian Nairn.

As Hodor on HBO's Game of Thrones, my lines were pretty limited; they consisted of only one word, "Hodor". It wasn't until season six, in the episode The Door, that we heard me say other words. Every Pokémon is classified as at least one of eighteen types, one of the rarest of which is the "dragon" type.

Weak against ice attacks and other dragon attacks, this type includes Dragonite, Salamence, and Charizard. Two mad scientists force him to watch these movies in exchange for food and fresh supplies of oxygen.

Um, actually, we don't know how he gets oxygen, which is actually brought up in the theme song of the show. Putting a Bag of holding into a Portable Hole is a very bad idea; they explode and incinerate everything within miles.

However, putting a Portable Hole into a Bag of Holding is a very good idea; it turns the bag into a "Handy Haversack" also called a Bag of Golding , which contains a limitless supply of gold. Um, actually, it does not create a Handy Haversack. Combining either item is a bad idea regardless of which item is put in which.

Also, it sends things to the Astral Sea, it doesn't necessarily incinerate them. Genetic modification plays an important part of Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake. In the Witcher series, Geralt and Yennefer's daughter, Ciri, aka The Lady of Time and Space, has inherited her mother's eyes and talent for magic, and her father's sword skills and silver hair.

King Arthur's most famous weapon is the sword Excalibur, given to him by the Lady of the Lake, but he also wielded lesser known weapons, including the dagger Carnwennan, the spear Rhongomyniad, and a second sword, Callandor, used more for ceremonial purposes like knighting. Um, actually, in some vbersions Excalibur is the sword Arthur pulls from the stone, not the one given to him by the Lady of the Lake. ALSO Um, actually, Callandor is not King Arthur's sword.

In the "X-Men" comics, the classification "Omega Level Mutant" generally designates those mutants with the most powerful abilities. Some of these incredibly powerful mutants include: Iceman, Jean Grey, Matthew Malloy, Kid Omega, Professor X, and X-Man.

The director of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Tim Burton, based the film on a three-page poem that he himself had written several years earlier. Um, actually, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" was not directed by Tim Burton, it was directed by Henry Selick. The characters in the first "Mortal Kombat" were all derived from a motion-capture performance from one of five actors. The depiction of these realistic figures committing hyper violent acts resulted in the creation of age ratings for video games.

In "The Fifth Element," Korben Dallas and Leeloo rendezvous with Diva Plavalaguna on the luxury cruise Fhloston Paradise in order to retrieve four powerful element stones. After being fatally wounded, the Diva reveals that the stones are hidden in a trunk in her room. Video game consoles are obviously used primarily for playing video games, but that hasn't stopped a number of unusual peripherals from being released, including the Game Boy printer, the N64 mouse, the Nintendo piano, and the Game Boy camera.

The Planet Express crew is a diverse group of individuals from multiple countries, planets, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds, with the glaring omission that no characters are from Latin American countries. Doug Jones has been in some of your favorite movies, even if it has been under heavy prosthetics. He has played the Amphibian Man in "The Shape of Water," Abe Sapien in "Hellboy," the xenomorph in "Alien," and the Silver Surfer in "Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Um, actually, Doug Jones did not play the xenomorph. The xenomorph has been played by several other actors. such as Tom Woodruff Jr. To explain his core philosophy of "causality," the Merovingian butchers and cooks a chicken while he talks with Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity. Um, actually, the Merovingian demonstrates this philosophy by serving someone a cake that makes them orgasm.

Titles are hard, and sometimes they need to remain secret. That combination can lead to some truly bizarre working titles. In the "Sailor Moon" franchise each of the sailor soldiers has a unique elemental power and is named after a planet in our solar system.

Um, actually, Sailor Moon is not named after a planet, she is named after a moon. Also, Sailor Pluto is not named after a planet, since Pluto is no longer a planet. In the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll we learn of fearsome creatures like the Jubjub beast, the bandersnatch and the headline Jabberwock, Yet despite its purported ferocity, someone beheads it with a simple swish-swash of his vorpal sword.

Frodo first gains possession of The One Ring during Bilbo Baggins th birthday, where Bilbo announced he would be leaving the Shire Piloting his X-Wing, Luke Skywalker famously destroys the original Death Star in "A New Hope" by firing a pair of photon torpedoes down a two-meter wide thermal exhaust port located at the end of the station's meridian trench.

In Rogue One, we learn that this chain reaction-causing Achilles' heel was placed there deliberately by engineer Galen Erso. Um, actually, they aren't photon torpedoes, which are from Star Trek. Luke used proton torpedoes. While Hogwarts is perhaps the best known magic school, Harry Potter fans know that there are many other magic schools in other countries.

In "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" we meet students from the Scandinavian Durmstrang Institute and the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, an all-female school in France. Um, actually, in the books the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is not an all-female school, that was a change made in the movies. The anime "Akira" famously ends with a sequence in which teenager Tetsuo's newfound psychic powers grow beyond his control, causing his body to expand and envelop everything around it as he becomes a giant, amorphous, fleshy mass that is finally stopped by the creation of a psychic singularity, which destroys Tokyo.

The "Hunger Games" takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of North America, now called "Panem" as a simplification of "Pan America. Um, actually, Panem isn't an abbreviation for Pan America. Panem comes from "panem et circenses," a latin phrase meaning "bread and circuses. Comic books have the difficult challenge of conveying sound with words, a particularly difficult feat when depicting sounds of fictional actions and devices.

This has led to some iconic onomatopoeia including SNIKT, the sound of Wolverine's claws, FHOOF, the sound of Nightcrawler teleporting, and THWIP the sound of Spider-Man's webbing. Um, actually, FHOOF is not the right sound for Nightcrawler teleporting. Nightcrawler teleporting makes the sound BAMF.

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Created Oct 11, Top posts april 4th Top posts of april, Top posts taming io gift codes april. modern memorials reviews. hospital management system database project in sql pdf. unsolved murders in. Duel Links Meta has the best, most competitive information about the game.

We post news, leaks, decks, tier lists, tournaments, guides, reviews and event reports!. With the consent of the individual or their parent, if the individual is a minor In response to.

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In "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," the crew of the USS Enterprise time travels to rescue humpback whales. The trademark character of the "Twisted Metal" series, Sweet Tooth, has appeared on the cover of every "Twisted Metal" game. such as Tom Woodruff Jr. io gameplay, taming. As of today, we will not publish any more stories. In Rogue One, we learn that this chain reaction-causing Achilles' heel was placed there deliberately by engineer Galen Erso. You are at the center of a war against the.